Doll School

Today was Jane and Judy’s first day of school.


“I’m worried about school.” Judy said.

“You should be,” Jane said, “that outfit looks horrible.”


“Oh those kids. Always late.” Ms. D said. “Well, I suppose I could give you a tour of the classroom while we wait.’


That is the classroom. It is above the American Girl Store that used to be a Macaron shop.


This is the teacher’s desk.


This is the reading area. The thing above it is a Smart board. (A smart board is kind of like a computer screen on a wall.)


These are the desks.


Here are some things on the wall.


This is the school’s library.


This is the art and craft area.


“Hello!’ said Ms. D, “I’m your new teacher and you can call me Ms. D.”

“Hi.” Jane and Judy said.


“I see that you have brought books.” Ms. D said. ” You may read silently for a while.”



After silent reading time Ms. D taught Jane and Judy how to check out books from the school library.


First they chose the book they wanted then they would scan it.


Then they would swipe their card.

Chose, scan, swipe, chose, scan, swipe, chose,scan sw-

“Alright, that is it! No more book checking out until Monday!” Ms. D told Jane and Judy.


“Now since it is the first day of school, now we get to watch a movie!” Ms. D told them.

“YAY!” said Jane.

“YAY!” said Judy.


Obviously, the movie was A New Hope.


Time for lunch.

Tacos, fruit, dessert, and water.


“Yum!” Jane said.


“Yum!” Said Jane.


During recess, Jane and Judy got to go to the American Girl store and Jane used up some of the money on her gift card.


Then it was time to go!

“Bye!” said Jane and Judy.



doll sized AG store

Hello today me and Judy went to the new american girl store.


We walked past the sign,




into the store!


On the far left of the store there is a furniture section with some accessories.


In the middle is the where you purchase everything and in front of that is where you can take your picture with Grace.


Behind all that is where the MAG dolls are.


Next to that is the new stuff.


There is also gift cards and free posters that you can get with an order of $50 or more.


There are mini dolls in front of the clothes which are all in the blue container.


Next to the clothes are all the hair things and most of the accessories; bags and hair clips.


Then the pet section with horses and dogs and cats and posters and a pet bed.


We got a dress and a gift card which where both for Jane.


Before we left Judy asked me to take a picture with her next to Grace.










By Quinn



The sweet shop

Today when I went to the park to buy a cake for Jane’s Birthday party, there was a new shop there.

photo 1

It was purple.

photo 2

Judy was inside.

photo 6

“Hi Quinn!” Judy said. “Do you like my shop?”

What? I thought you worked at dress doll.

“I did but Jane is really into fashion design and I like baking. So we switched our jobs, Jane works at dress doll and I expanded the macaron shop and moved it here!”

photo 4

photo 5

“Like it?” Judy asked.

Yeah its cool!

photo 13

I looked at the menu.

photo 12

Got the cake, which was in a very neat freezer on the wall.

photo 11

Then when I went to get some cookies I found the perfect one. It was a name cookie with Jane’s name on it! These cookies were kept on a table with other cookies and donuts all displayed perfectly on their stands.

photo 10

photo 9

Judy I would like to buy this. I showed her what I wanted, payed for it and…

photo 8

Bye Judy!

“Bye Quinn!”

photo 3

“Quinn, do you think Jane is going to spy on us again so that she knows what she is getting?” Judy asked.

I hope not Judy.











By Quinn


Dress Doll

Today a new shop opened. Judy is the shop’s owner. Today, she is going to let us in for a tour of the shop.

photo 10

“Hello doll fans! today we-” Judy started to say.

Yes we know Judy.

“Oh then uh, lets start the show!”

The tour.


photo 13

“So as you already know the shops name is Dress Doll-a better way to live.” Judy tells us yet again.

photo 12

“Over here is where you check out and a clothes display.” Judy says as she points to it.

photo 15

“And since this is Quinn’s clothes closet, we have this bar going across the celling and I have hung these hangers on it and I put 2 dresses on every one hanger. This is the dress display.” explained Judy.

photo 14

“Oh look there is a sale: 40% off all dresses!”

photo 1

“this is wear the shirts are.” Judy tells us.

photo 3

“You want to know where I keep the pants?” Judy asked.

photo 2

“The pants and skirts are right here.”

photo 4

Then a customer came in.

photo 5

She picked up some pants,

photo 6

purchased them,

photo 8

and then she left.

photo 9

And so did we.