Today (as promised) I made a Grace inspired craft!

Jane now works there and she is going to give you a tour.


“Hi everybody!” Jane says. “This is my new macaron shop!”


“This is the entire shop.”


“Since I love pandas, I decided to help them, as you can see.”


“The reason the shop is so bright is that Quinn let me use one of her lights. This one clips onto the side of the shop/shelf.”


“All stores have seating! My shop has a table with a pretty butterfly pattern.”


“This is a cash register that Quinn made for the shop.”


“These are the tongs I use to pick up the macarons.”


“Here is Quinn demonstrating.”


“And here are the macarons!!!!!!!

The flavors are:

Red-red velvet







“This is one of the boxes that they come in”


“and this is the bag”


“Look! A customer!” Says Jane.


“Hi!” Says Judy. “I would like one macaron in each flavor.”


So Jane got one of each flavor.


“Here you go.” Jane says.


“Thanks!” Judy says.


“Here is your change.” Jane says.


“Bye!” Jane says.

“Bye!” Judy says.


“Well thats it. Bye!!!”




I made the macarons by cutting out circles (on a laser cutter) and the filling was puffy paint. The boxes that the macarons came in were actually boxes that had flash-drives in them. And the bags were plastic bags with rubber bands on them.



Walking the dogs 1

photo 1

Today Jane went to ask people if they needed help walking their dogs.

photo 2

“Jingle bells jingle bells jingle all the way, oh yay here is a house!” Jane thought.

photo 3

Jane knocked on the door.

photo 4

And out stepped a lady.

photo 5

Jane also saw a puppy walk to the door way.

photo 6

“Hello, I am Jane and I now have a dog walking service” said Jane.

photo 7

“OMG! What perfect timing! We Just got a dog, and we’re so busy that we don’t have time to walk him.” the lady explained.

photo 6

“Glad to help!” said Jane.

photo 8

“Here, all you have to do is fill this out and mail it back to me,” said Jane.

photo 9

“but fill this out now please.”

photo 10

“All done.” the lady said.

photo 11

“Bye and thank you!” said Jane.

photo 12

“Thank you too!” the lady said.

photo 13

At the next house there was another lady and a dog in the front yard.

photo 14

“Hello, my name is Jane and I have a dog walking service.”

photo 13

“Oh, well do I have to sign something?” asked the lady.

photo 14

“Yes, just fill in this when you have the time and then mail it to me.”

Jane handed the lady a paper.

“And then fill this paper out now.”

photo 16

“Thank you!” the lady said.

“Thank you!” Jane said as she petted the dog.

photo 17

Before long Jane found another lady and her dog.

photo 14

“Hello, my name is Jane and I have a dog walking service.”

photo 17

“All right! Where are the papers!?” the lady asked.

photo 18

“Right here, fill this out then mail it to me.” explained Jane.

photo 20

“Fill this out now.” Jane said.

photo 21

“Thanks!!!!!” said the lady.

photo 22

“Bye and Thank you!” said Jane.


photo 23


The next day Jane got all of the sign up sheets.

photo 24

And went to walk Pup.

photo 26

And Sugar. Jane almost lost him!

photo 29

Jane didn’t have to walk Tootsie today but she still got lots of…

photo 28


photo 29


“BYE EVERYBODY!!!” says Jane.




Screen Shot 2014-08-22 at 11.26.11 AM



A Museum From a Dolls Perspective

This blog post does not have any pictures but I think is something to think about.

What does the world look like to a doll? When you look at doll magazines there is always a cool backround that is fit for a dolls life. If you brought your doll to a museum and she looked around at everything I think that she hadn’t been to a museum hundreds of times then she probably look around and say to herself “whatever i am seeing now is huge and scary and there are so many people and i………”   but if she had been to a museum a bunch of times then she would probably think something like this    “Wow i never saw this exhibit piece on a bunch of huge scaryish jellyfish which are surrounding me and making me a bit claustrophobic and…… well i know there fake and trapped in that huge glass container but……” So she would probably think that kind of thing.

I suggest you don’t take your doll to the museum anyways ’cause you might lose her and you don’t want her to get any ideas hanging around those humungous sharks!………..

Treasure hunt 2

“Jane uh, are you sure we should go?” asked Judy.

photo 28

“Yeah of course we should go. It will be fun in Greece!”

photo 29

“Look its so pretty, Jane” Judy said.

photo 36

“pretty pots” said Jane.

photo 30

“ALOT of them!” Judy said.

photo 31

Then Jane spotted a little box.

“I wonder what is in that box” They both wondered.

photo 35

Judy finally opened it and inside was a note. It said: TO THE CAR.

“Lets go!” Jane said

So they went.



Screen Shot 2014-08-22 at 11.26.11 AM

Treasure hunt 1

photo 6“So Jane, what are we doing in Egypt again?”Judy asked “The Treasure hunt”

photo 3“Where are we?” “No. Not America”

photo 2“Cool stuff they have here” photo 4“Yuck! Jane look, its a brain”photo 5“Whats over there?” Jane said photo-41“ITS A CAT MUMMY!!!!!” “JANE RUN!!!!”photo-39“Judy that is the coffin not the mummy.”Jane said “Oh. Sorry.” Said Judy. “I found this note in front of it” Jane said.

photo 42“It says GO TO GREECE!”

The girls took to seashells and went to Greece.


Screen Shot 2014-08-22 at 11.26.11 AM





a summer picnic

photo 7“Jane I’m so bored” said Judy. “So am I” Jane replied. “I know what we can do! We can have a picnic!” said Judy. “Great idea, Judy. I will get some food ready”photo 8“AWESOME PICNIC!!!!” “So whats first?” Judy 9“JUDY, the PIZZA of corse!”photo 10“Well Jane, I think you were right. This pizza is good”photo 11The picnic was doing fine until…

photo 12“AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

“GIANT DOG ATTACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”



There was a giant dog attack

photo 13“I need a glass of water after that” said Jane.

photo 14“DESSERT TIME!!!!!! yay!”

photo 15After that they ALL say goodbye. “Bye every- wait where is Jane?”

photo 16“So long folks, hope you enjoyed the show and we will see you next time on a day with your doll!!!”

Screen Shot 2014-08-22 at 11.26.11 AM