A visitor

Today Jane and Judy had a visitor.




Judy saw her, and let her in because the visitor…


Was Wren!


“This is where you will be sleeping tonight, Wren.” Judy said as she pointed to a mattress with a nice warm blanket and pillow on it.


After Wren had seen the bedroom, she went up to the kitchen for a snack.


“By Wren, I’m going to my shop now.” Jane said.


After Jane had left Judy and Wren went to the new macaron shop.


“Surprise!” said Jane.

“Jane! I didn’t know you worked here!” said Wren.


Once Wren and Judy got there macarons, they headed home.

FullSizeRender 2

Then Jane, Judy, and Wren went outside and played in the snow.FullSizeRender

But Wren did not want to get in that snow.

FullSizeRender 3

“Come on Wren!” Jane said.

FullSizeRender 4

Pretty soon Wren was playing in the snow with Jane and Judy.


Then they all came inside.



Before the girls went to bed they played with Legos.







Screen Shot 2014-08-22 at 11.26.11 AMAnd  Marian









Today it snowed!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jane and Judy decided to go and play in it.




Jane tried to build a snowman.


Judy laid down in the snow.


When Jane and Judy got cold they went inside,



got bundled up on my couch, and watched a movie.





Screen Shot 2014-08-22 at 11.26.11 AM

vacation is over :(

Since vacation is over and Jane is still sick, Judy has to go to school by herself.

P1040776 2P1040777 2

“I don’t want to go to school.” Judy said.

To bad.

P1040778 2

“But I’m tiered.” Judy said.

To bad.

P1040779 2

I was forced to kick her out.


But that did not work (my leg still hurts a bit).


Fine Judy, you can stay home.

“YAY!” Judy said.


Then she went to sleep.


So did my dog.






Screen Shot 2014-08-22 at 11.26.11 AM



Today (as promised) I made a Grace inspired craft!

Jane now works there and she is going to give you a tour.


“Hi everybody!” Jane says. “This is my new macaron shop!”


“This is the entire shop.”


“Since I love pandas, I decided to help them, as you can see.”


“The reason the shop is so bright is that Quinn let me use one of her lights. This one clips onto the side of the shop/shelf.”


“All stores have seating! My shop has a table with a pretty butterfly pattern.”


“This is a cash register that Quinn made for the shop.”


“These are the tongs I use to pick up the macarons.”


“Here is Quinn demonstrating.”


“And here are the macarons!!!!!!!

The flavors are:

Red-red velvet







“This is one of the boxes that they come in”


“and this is the bag”


“Look! A customer!” Says Jane.


“Hi!” Says Judy. “I would like one macaron in each flavor.”


So Jane got one of each flavor.


“Here you go.” Jane says.


“Thanks!” Judy says.


“Here is your change.” Jane says.


“Bye!” Jane says.

“Bye!” Judy says.


“Well thats it. Bye!!!”




I made the macarons by cutting out circles (on a laser cutter) and the filling was puffy paint. The boxes that the macarons came in were actually boxes that had flash-drives in them. And the bags were plastic bags with rubber bands on them.



What Jane and Judy got for Christmas

Yes I know that I have not been posting anything over the last few days but here now right in front of you is a post, so enjoy!


photo 8

When Jane and Judy got up on Christmas morning, they ran upstairs to the Christmas tree unwrapped all the presents and then they brought them all downstairs so that I could take pictures and post about them.

photo 10

They got some new pets! (Jane is falling in love with the hamster.)

(I got these pets at a toy store.)

photo 15


These computers were Judy’s favorite.

photo 16

photo 11

Jane got a Pillow Pet polar bear.

photo 12

(This one was my favorites!)

photo 17

Judy got a jewelry box…

photo 18

with lots of jewelry inside!

photo 13

They each got a doll dress! See how to make one HERE.

photo 14

They both got erasers.

photo 20

And Jane and Judy both got Holiday dresses!!! (No sew!)

photo 21

The shoes came from Our Generation.

photo 22

photo 23

The bows I got from an art festival.

photo 24

photo 19

And Jane and Judy also got an air hockey table!!!!!!!



If you have any questions about any of the presents please leave a comment!!!


Happy Holidays!



Screen Shot 2014-08-22 at 11.26.11 AM


Winter wonderland

Since it is winter, the puppies went out to play in the snow.

photo 6


It looks like they have made a tunnel in the snow!

photo 7

Jane and Judy are celebrating the first days of winter drinking hot chocolate and reading American Girl mini mags.





Screen Shot 2014-08-22 at 11.26.11 AM



Christmas decorations and a mess

Jane and Judy have really wanted to post about this for a long time so lets get started!

photo 2

“Hi doll fans!” says Judy.

“Today we are going to show you our Christmas decorations!” says Jane.

“This is our living room.” says Judy.

photo 3

“And in our living room is…” says Jane.

“A CHRISTMAS TREE!!!” both girls shout.

photo 4

“As you can see, Quinn has made these origami boxes for decoration!” says Judy.

“But theres nothing in them.” Jane says.

photo 5

“Here is another origami box.” Judy says.

photo 6

“In our dinning room, we have some of the same boxes, and origami christmas trees which Quinn also made!” Jane says.

photo 7

“And in our bedroom…” Judy says.

“Well its a bit of a mess.” says Jane.

Speaking of messes…


photo 1

I’ve got a problem with that too!!





Screen Shot 2014-08-22 at 11.26.11 AM


Walking the dogs 1

photo 1

Today Jane went to ask people if they needed help walking their dogs.

photo 2

“Jingle bells jingle bells jingle all the way, oh yay here is a house!” Jane thought.

photo 3

Jane knocked on the door.

photo 4

And out stepped a lady.

photo 5

Jane also saw a puppy walk to the door way.

photo 6

“Hello, I am Jane and I now have a dog walking service” said Jane.

photo 7

“OMG! What perfect timing! We Just got a dog, and we’re so busy that we don’t have time to walk him.” the lady explained.

photo 6

“Glad to help!” said Jane.

photo 8

“Here, all you have to do is fill this out and mail it back to me,” said Jane.

photo 9

“but fill this out now please.”

photo 10

“All done.” the lady said.

photo 11

“Bye and thank you!” said Jane.

photo 12

“Thank you too!” the lady said.

photo 13

At the next house there was another lady and a dog in the front yard.

photo 14

“Hello, my name is Jane and I have a dog walking service.”

photo 13

“Oh, well do I have to sign something?” asked the lady.

photo 14

“Yes, just fill in this when you have the time and then mail it to me.”

Jane handed the lady a paper.

“And then fill this paper out now.”

photo 16

“Thank you!” the lady said.

“Thank you!” Jane said as she petted the dog.

photo 17

Before long Jane found another lady and her dog.

photo 14

“Hello, my name is Jane and I have a dog walking service.”

photo 17

“All right! Where are the papers!?” the lady asked.

photo 18

“Right here, fill this out then mail it to me.” explained Jane.

photo 20

“Fill this out now.” Jane said.

photo 21

“Thanks!!!!!” said the lady.

photo 22

“Bye and Thank you!” said Jane.


photo 23


The next day Jane got all of the sign up sheets.

photo 24

And went to walk Pup.

photo 26

And Sugar. Jane almost lost him!

photo 29

Jane didn’t have to walk Tootsie today but she still got lots of…

photo 28


photo 29


“BYE EVERYBODY!!!” says Jane.




Screen Shot 2014-08-22 at 11.26.11 AM



outfit of the week (at last!)

This week the mini dolls have gone to…



Lets get the show started!!!

photo 13

First, is the lovely Miss Molly.

photo 13 copy

She is modeling a one shouldered dress

photo 13 copy 2

that is gray with green dots.

photo 13 copy 3

This amazing outfit also has a purple belt.

photo 13 copy 4

Next is the fabulous Miss Kit.

photo 14

She is modeling a dress with yellow on the top,

photo 15

and red with white dots on the bottom.

photo 16

This beautiful outfit also has a orange belt that ties in the back.

photo 13 copy 5

Here is the terrific Miss Emily.

photo 14 copy

She is modeling an a-line dress with blue on the top,

photo 15 copy

and red and white stripes on the bottom.

photo 16 copy

This awesome outfit also has a gray belt.

photo 13 copy 6

Last but not least is the amazing Miss Julie.

photo 14 copy 2

She is modeling a rainbow striped dress,

photo 15 copy 2

with a large brown stripe on the neck.

photo 16 copy 2

This outfit also has a light brown belt with beads on the end.

photo 13 copy 7

Here are all of the girls in their outfits.



If you saw Kit photobomb Emily than leave a comment!!!!

Screen Shot 2014-08-22 at 11.26.11 AM