The sweet shop

Today when I went to the park to buy a cake for Jane’s Birthday party, there was a new shop there.

photo 1

It was purple.

photo 2

Judy was inside.

photo 6

“Hi Quinn!” Judy said. “Do you like my shop?”

What? I thought you worked at dress doll.

“I did but Jane is really into fashion design and I like baking. So we switched our jobs, Jane works at dress doll and I expanded the macaron shop and moved it here!”

photo 4

photo 5

“Like it?” Judy asked.

Yeah its cool!

photo 13

I looked at the menu.

photo 12

Got the cake, which was in a very neat freezer on the wall.

photo 11

Then when I went to get some cookies I found the perfect one. It was a name cookie with Jane’s name on it! These cookies were kept on a table with other cookies and donuts all displayed perfectly on their stands.

photo 10

photo 9

Judy I would like to buy this. I showed her what I wanted, payed for it and…

photo 8

Bye Judy!

“Bye Quinn!”

photo 3

“Quinn, do you think Jane is going to spy on us again so that she knows what she is getting?” Judy asked.

I hope not Judy.











By Quinn


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