Dress Doll

Today a new shop opened. Judy is the shop’s owner. Today, she is going to let us in for a tour of the shop.

photo 10

“Hello doll fans! today we-” Judy started to say.

Yes we know Judy.

“Oh then uh, lets start the show!”

The tour.


photo 13

“So as you already know the shops name is Dress Doll-a better way to live.” Judy tells us yet again.

photo 12

“Over here is where you check out and a clothes display.” Judy says as she points to it.

photo 15

“And since this is Quinn’s clothes closet, we have this bar going across the celling and I have hung these hangers on it and I put 2 dresses on every one hanger. This is the dress display.” explained Judy.

photo 14

“Oh look there is a sale: 40% off all dresses!”

photo 1

“this is wear the shirts are.” Judy tells us.

photo 3

“You want to know where I keep the pants?” Judy asked.

photo 2

“The pants and skirts are right here.”

photo 4

Then a customer came in.

photo 5

She picked up some pants,

photo 6

purchased them,

photo 8

and then she left.

photo 9

And so did we.











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