Jane and Judy’s bedroom

photo 13


photo 14


First is the bed and bedding. Jane has three pillows and the one in front you can make to just click here. Jane also has some blankets and stuffed animals. The lump is coconut.

photo 15

Judy’s half of the bed is a lot like Jane’s half. Isn’t that odd. Its like the same person made both their beds :).

photo 17

Under the bed are some slippers.

photo 1

Excuse me Judy. Over here is the night stand and as you can see it has a doll sized piggy bank.

photo 3

The desk has books,

photo 4

Craft supplies,

photo 5

and hair things.

photo 16

There are also hair things here.

photo 11

Above the closet is outerwear and below that are dresses.

photo 10

On the sides there are hooks for hanging things on.

photo 6

And the bottom half has pants, skirts, shirts, underwear, socks, a bag, and Judy’s computer.

photo 8

“YES!” says Jane.

photo 9

“YES!” says Judy.

photo 7

“Oh those Jedi.” says Jane.






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