What Jane and Judy got for Christmas

Yes I know that I have not been posting anything over the last few days but here now right in front of you is a post, so enjoy!


photo 8

When Jane and Judy got up on Christmas morning, they ran upstairs to the Christmas tree unwrapped all the presents and then they brought them all downstairs so that I could take pictures and post about them.

photo 10

They got some new pets! (Jane is falling in love with the hamster.)

(I got these pets at a toy store.)

photo 15


These computers were Judy’s favorite.

photo 16

photo 11

Jane got a Pillow Pet polar bear.

photo 12

(This one was my favorites!)

photo 17

Judy got a jewelry box…

photo 18

with lots of jewelry inside!

photo 13

They each got a doll dress! See how to make one HERE.

photo 14

They both got erasers.

photo 20

And Jane and Judy both got Holiday dresses!!! (No sew!)

photo 21

The shoes came from Our Generation.

photo 22

photo 23

The bows I got from an art festival.

photo 24

photo 19

And Jane and Judy also got an air hockey table!!!!!!!



If you have any questions about any of the presents please leave a comment!!!


Happy Holidays!



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