Christmas decorations and a mess

Jane and Judy have really wanted to post about this for a long time so lets get started!

photo 2

“Hi doll fans!” says Judy.

“Today we are going to show you our Christmas decorations!” says Jane.

“This is our living room.” says Judy.

photo 3

“And in our living room is…” says Jane.

“A CHRISTMAS TREE!!!” both girls shout.

photo 4

“As you can see, Quinn has made these origami boxes for decoration!” says Judy.

“But theres nothing in them.” Jane says.

photo 5

“Here is another origami box.” Judy says.

photo 6

“In our dinning room, we have some of the same boxes, and origami christmas trees which Quinn also made!” Jane says.

photo 7

“And in our bedroom…” Judy says.

“Well its a bit of a mess.” says Jane.

Speaking of messes…


photo 1

I’ve got a problem with that too!!





Screen Shot 2014-08-22 at 11.26.11 AM


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