outfit of the week (at last!)

This week the mini dolls have gone to…



Lets get the show started!!!

photo 13

First, is the lovely Miss Molly.

photo 13 copy

She is modeling a one shouldered dress

photo 13 copy 2

that is gray with green dots.

photo 13 copy 3

This amazing outfit also has a purple belt.

photo 13 copy 4

Next is the fabulous Miss Kit.

photo 14

She is modeling a dress with yellow on the top,

photo 15

and red with white dots on the bottom.

photo 16

This beautiful outfit also has a orange belt that ties in the back.

photo 13 copy 5

Here is the terrific Miss Emily.

photo 14 copy

She is modeling an a-line dress with blue on the top,

photo 15 copy

and red and white stripes on the bottom.

photo 16 copy

This awesome outfit also has a gray belt.

photo 13 copy 6

Last but not least is the amazing Miss Julie.

photo 14 copy 2

She is modeling a rainbow striped dress,

photo 15 copy 2

with a large brown stripe on the neck.

photo 16 copy 2

This outfit also has a light brown belt with beads on the end.

photo 13 copy 7

Here are all of the girls in their outfits.



If you saw Kit photobomb Emily than leave a comment!!!!

Screen Shot 2014-08-22 at 11.26.11 AM



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