A Museum From a Dolls Perspective

This blog post does not have any pictures but I think is something to think about.

What does the world look like to a doll? When you look at doll magazines there is always a cool backround that is fit for a dolls life. If you brought your doll to a museum and she looked around at everything I think that she hadn’t been to a museum hundreds of times then she probably look around and say to herself “whatever i am seeing now is huge and scary and there are so many people and i………”   but if she had been to a museum a bunch of times then she would probably think something like this    “Wow i never saw this exhibit piece on a bunch of huge scaryish jellyfish which are surrounding me and making me a bit claustrophobic and…… well i know there fake and trapped in that huge glass container but……” So she would probably think that kind of thing.

I suggest you don’t take your doll to the museum anyways ’cause you might lose her and you don’t want her to get any ideas hanging around those humungous sharks!………..

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