Pet spa

Do you have to many stuffed animals laying around that you can’t bare to give away?

Do you really want a pet spa for your dolls but your really lazy?

If you do, this is the perfect “craft” for you.


If you have an empty shelf or big cardboard box that would be an ideal location for the pet spa.


For lighting I used a clip on light from IKEA.


For a pet bath I used a circular container.


You could use a tiny box for a shelf.


I got these posters from american girl play LINK HERE (after you play the game there is an option to print)


You could use another box or a jewelry box.


On the counter, I have a some “treats” (beads) in a clay bowl I made.


These pictures are from the AG website. And hooks made out of wire to hang leashes, which is cut ribbon.

IMG_0656 (1)

Your doll’s pets will love this quick and easy craft!



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