A gift for Jane

photo 3


When Jane went out to get the mail she

photo 4


photo 8

Because she had gotten a doll. But who is she?

photo 7


photo 9

Inside the box was a book and Saige. Saige got up and went over to hug Jane’s arm.

photo 10

When Saige went to met her new sisters

photo 12

they presented her with a gift. A mini mini Saige.

photo 11

Saige was very happy.

photo 16

After the minis had gotten a new bedroom set-up they went to sleep.







Dress Doll

Today a new shop opened. Judy is the shop’s owner. Today, she is going to let us in for a tour of the shop.

photo 10

“Hello doll fans! today we-” Judy started to say.

Yes we know Judy.

“Oh then uh, lets start the show!”

The tour.


photo 13

“So as you already know the shops name is Dress Doll-a better way to live.” Judy tells us yet again.

photo 12

“Over here is where you check out and a clothes display.” Judy says as she points to it.

photo 15

“And since this is Quinn’s clothes closet, we have this bar going across the celling and I have hung these hangers on it and I put 2 dresses on every one hanger. This is the dress display.” explained Judy.

photo 14

“Oh look there is a sale: 40% off all dresses!”

photo 1

“this is wear the shirts are.” Judy tells us.

photo 3

“You want to know where I keep the pants?” Judy asked.

photo 2

“The pants and skirts are right here.”

photo 4

Then a customer came in.

photo 5

She picked up some pants,

photo 6

purchased them,

photo 8

and then she left.

photo 9

And so did we.











Jane goes shopping


In a display, today, Jane saw something that she needed to have.


It was a dress form, some notebooks, and a sewing basket with sewing supplies like needles and thread. You can make that here.





Jane bought all of it.


Stay with me to learn how I made the dress form.







Doll sized find!

When I went on a trip last weekend I won some prizes and one was doll sized!

photo 22

Its a keychain with mini screwdrivers in a container.

photo 23

The screwdrivers really work. Here they are out of the container.

photo 24

I have compared the screwdriver to a doll’s hand. Its the perfect size!!!

photo 25

I have also compared the container to the doll’s hand.

photo 26

The mini tape measure I have combined with the screwdrivers makes a pretty good set.

Notice how they are all keychains. Keep an eye out for awesome keychains!






Screen Shot 2014-08-22 at 11.26.11 AM

Jane and Judy’s bedroom

photo 13


photo 14


First is the bed and bedding. Jane has three pillows and the one in front you can make to just click here. Jane also has some blankets and stuffed animals. The lump is coconut.

photo 15

Judy’s half of the bed is a lot like Jane’s half. Isn’t that odd. Its like the same person made both their beds :).

photo 17

Under the bed are some slippers.

photo 1

Excuse me Judy. Over here is the night stand and as you can see it has a doll sized piggy bank.

photo 3

The desk has books,

photo 4

Craft supplies,

photo 5

and hair things.

photo 16

There are also hair things here.

photo 11

Above the closet is outerwear and below that are dresses.

photo 10

On the sides there are hooks for hanging things on.

photo 6

And the bottom half has pants, skirts, shirts, underwear, socks, a bag, and Judy’s computer.

photo 8

“YES!” says Jane.

photo 9

“YES!” says Judy.

photo 7

“Oh those Jedi.” says Jane.






Screen Shot 2014-08-22 at 11.26.11 AM

Make doll pillows

This post shows you how to make doll pillows.


You will need:

-Fabric scraps

-A coin purse


photo 18

First fill up the coin purse up to the top with fabric scraps.

photo 19

Then zip it shut, and your done!

photo 20

Jane is seeing how the pillows look on the chair.

photo 21

She has decided to put them on her and Judy’s bed.







A visitor

Today Jane and Judy had a visitor.




Judy saw her, and let her in because the visitor…


Was Wren!


“This is where you will be sleeping tonight, Wren.” Judy said as she pointed to a mattress with a nice warm blanket and pillow on it.


After Wren had seen the bedroom, she went up to the kitchen for a snack.


“By Wren, I’m going to my shop¬†now.” Jane said.


After Jane had left Judy and Wren went to the new macaron shop.


“Surprise!” said Jane.

“Jane! I didn’t know you worked here!” said Wren.


Once Wren and Judy got there macarons, they headed home.

FullSizeRender 2

Then Jane, Judy, and Wren went outside and played in the snow.FullSizeRender

But Wren did not want to get in that snow.

FullSizeRender 3

“Come on Wren!” Jane said.

FullSizeRender 4

Pretty soon Wren was playing in the snow with Jane and Judy.


Then they all came inside.



Before the girls went to bed they played with Legos.







Screen Shot 2014-08-22 at 11.26.11 AMAnd  Marian