What Jane and Judy got for Christmas

Yes I know that I have not been posting anything over the last few days but here now right in front of you is a post, so enjoy!


photo 8

When Jane and Judy got up on Christmas morning, they ran upstairs to the Christmas tree unwrapped all the presents and then they brought them all downstairs so that I could take pictures and post about them.

photo 10

They got some new pets! (Jane is falling in love with the hamster.)

(I got these pets at a toy store.)

photo 15


These computers were Judy’s favorite.

photo 16

photo 11

Jane got a Pillow Pet polar bear.

photo 12

(This one was my favorites!)

photo 17

Judy got a jewelry box…

photo 18

with lots of jewelry inside!

photo 13

They each got a doll dress! See how to make one HERE.

photo 14

They both got erasers.

photo 20

And Jane and Judy both got Holiday dresses!!! (No sew!)

photo 21

The shoes came from Our Generation.

photo 22

photo 23

The bows I got from an art festival.

photo 24

photo 19

And Jane and Judy also got an air hockey table!!!!!!!



If you have any questions about any of the presents please leave a comment!!!


Happy Holidays!



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Winter wonderland

Since it is winter, the puppies went out to play in the snow.

photo 6


It looks like they have made a tunnel in the snow!

photo 7

Jane and Judy are celebrating the first days of winter drinking hot chocolate and reading American Girl mini mags.





Screen Shot 2014-08-22 at 11.26.11 AM



Christmas present 3

If your doll likes LEGOs than why not give her a LEGO set!?

photo 3

I have made an ice cream shop for my dolls.

photo 4

photo 5

This is how big it is compared to a doll sized hair brush.


4 days until christmas!!!!!

Happy Winter!






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Christmas present 2

Another great idea for a doll christmas present is…

photo 1

doll clothes!

You can easily make mini doll clothes out of old socks! Just cut a section of the sock off, and then cut arm and neck holes! But this is just the basic version. So experiment!

photo 2

Merry Christmas!





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Giveaway at…

Hello everyone! If you like giveaways there is one over at http://funwithagfan.blogspot.com.

Now you are probably about to click the link right now but, if you are still reading this than you are probably thinking “when is Quinn going to make another awesome craft post because I need one more gift for my doll!” Don’t worry! I’m going to post a craft SOON!!! But if you need a present right now I would recommend pressing the Q in Quinn because it will take you to a place with lots of links to other doll blogs!!!!!


Merry christmas!



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Curls! part 2

Sorry that I didn’t post this yesterday but anyway here it is!

photo 1

I have just taken out Judy’s clips and the hair isn’t untwisting!

photo 2

After I hand untwist the hair,

photo 3

I brush her hair and it looks super cool!

photo 6

I add a hair clip to hold Judy’s hair back.

photo 7

Now Judy is dressed and ready to go do something!

“Bye!” says Judy.




Screen Shot 2014-08-22 at 11.26.11 AM




Today while Judy was at home being sick, she put her hair up so that tomorrow she will have pretty curls!

photo 27

“Hi guys, you want to see how I got my hair up so that I can have curls!”

photo 3

“Here is one side,”

photo 2

“and here is the other side.”

photo 4

“This is the top.”

photo 5

“I can’t wait until tomorrow when I take out all of these clips and see my curls!”


As Judy said tomorrow I will help Judy take out the clips and I will take pictures and post them so everyone can see!

See you tomorrow!





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GOTY 2015

Almost a new year which means a new GOTY!

This post is an idea for a christmas present for your doll.

First “create” your own GOTY, and then write a mini book about the doll you created.

Your doll will love this book!




Leave a comment telling me the GOTY you created if you want!!!!


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