Doll Grill

Here it is!

photo 13

“I think that this grill is awesome because it is small and easy to make,” says Jane.

photo 13 copy

“and it cooks my kabobs perfectly!”

photo 13 copy 2


photo 3

“This grill is awesome!”

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outfit of the week (at last!)

This week the mini dolls have gone to…



Lets get the show started!!!

photo 13

First, is the lovely Miss Molly.

photo 13 copy

She is modeling a one shouldered dress

photo 13 copy 2

that is gray with green dots.

photo 13 copy 3

This amazing outfit also has a purple belt.

photo 13 copy 4

Next is the fabulous Miss Kit.

photo 14

She is modeling a dress with yellow on the top,

photo 15

and red with white dots on the bottom.

photo 16

This beautiful outfit also has a orange belt that ties in the back.

photo 13 copy 5

Here is the terrific Miss Emily.

photo 14 copy

She is modeling an a-line dress with blue on the top,

photo 15 copy

and red and white stripes on the bottom.

photo 16 copy

This awesome outfit also has a gray belt.

photo 13 copy 6

Last but not least is the amazing Miss Julie.

photo 14 copy 2

She is modeling a rainbow striped dress,

photo 15 copy 2

with a large brown stripe on the neck.

photo 16 copy 2

This outfit also has a light brown belt with beads on the end.

photo 13 copy 7

Here are all of the girls in their outfits.



If you saw Kit photobomb Emily than leave a comment!!!!

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Craft Club 1

photo 1

Today Judy went to the park to get people to sign up for the Craft Club. Lets see what happened!

photo 2

First Judy found a mom that was sitting on the swing.

photo 3


“Hello” said Judy. “would you like your kid or kids to be in the Craft Club?”

“The Craft Club!?!” said the mom. “Yes I would like my daughter to be in the Craft Club!!!”

photo 4

“All you have to do is fill out these papers” Judy said.

photo 6

Once the mom was done Judy handed her a business card.

photo 8

“Thank you” said the mom.

“No problem” said Judy.

photo 9

Then Judy found another mom!

photo 15


“Hello” Judy said.¬†“would you like your kid or kids to be in the Craft Club?”

“Well, uh, what is the Craft club?” the mom asked.

“The Craft Club is a Club where kids 4-12 make crafts and play.” explained Judy.

“Oh, well that sounds interesting. What do I have to do to sign my children up?” asked the mom.

photo 10

“Just fill this out.” said Judy.

photo 12

“And this.” Judy said.

photo 14

“And here is my business card if you need anything else.” Judy said.

photo 9

“Thank you very much!” said the mom.

“No problem.” said Judy.


photo 19


The next day was the Craft Club!

photo 20

“Hello everyone!” said Judy. “My name is Judy and to start today off we are going to tell everyone our names!”

photo 21

“Hi, my name is Anna”

photo 22


photo 23

“My name is ann”

photo 24

“I’m Lily”

photo 25

“All right everyone now we are going to make christmas neckless!” said Judy.

photo 26

Once everyone had their materials they got to work.

photo 27

When they finished with their neckless Judy showed them how to clean up a mess.

photo 28

Everyone must have been an expert all ready because in seconds the room was clean!

photo 29

Judy took some photos before everyone left. Here they are:

photo 30


photo 31


photo 32


photo 33


photo 34

“Bye everyone and merry christmas!’


You are all probably wondering how I made the business cards and sign up sheets.

You can make them too! Just find the second letter o, click it and it will take you to (find out by pressing the second letter o) then under Games and Activities there should be a game called “get set for success”, click that, press start, and by then I think that you’ll know what you are doing but if you have any questions leave a comment!!!!!!



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