A Museum From a Dolls Perspective

This blog post does not have any pictures but I think is something to think about.

What does the world look like to a doll? When you look at doll magazines there is always a cool backround that is fit for a dolls life. If you brought your doll to a museum and she looked around at everything I think that she hadn’t been to a museum hundreds of times then she probably look around and say to herself “whatever i am seeing now is huge and scary and there are so many people and i………”   but if she had been to a museum a bunch of times then she would probably think something like this    “Wow i never saw this exhibit piece on a bunch of huge scaryish jellyfish which are surrounding me and making me a bit claustrophobic and…… well i know there fake and trapped in that huge glass container but……” So she would probably think that kind of thing.

I suggest you don’t take your doll to the museum anyways ’cause you might lose her and you don’t want her to get any ideas hanging around those humungous sharks!………..

Treasure hunt 2

“Jane uh, are you sure we should go?” asked Judy.

photo 28

“Yeah of course we should go. It will be fun in Greece!”

photo 29

“Look its so pretty, Jane” Judy said.

photo 36

“pretty pots” said Jane.

photo 30

“ALOT of them!” Judy said.

photo 31

Then Jane spotted a little box.

“I wonder what is in that box” They both wondered.

photo 35

Judy finally opened it and inside was a note. It said: TO THE CAR.

“Lets go!” Jane said

So they went.



Screen Shot 2014-08-22 at 11.26.11 AM

outfit of the week!!!!!

Jane and Judy have got an AWESOME outfit of the week for you!

photo 22


“Hello everyone” Jane says

photo 23

“Hello everyone” Judy says

photo 24

There is an opening in the skirt from where it was cut.

photo 25

The top layer comes up for shawl.

photo 26

The headband was made by cutting off a piece of sock and tying a piece of lace around it.

photo 17

“Thats all for outfit of the week!!!”

Screen Shot 2014-08-22 at 11.26.11 AM


How to make a pot for your doll


This project is a small pot that your doll will love to admire in her garden or watch grow in her room.

You will need:

a water bottle



Optional: You might want to use fake flowers but you might want to actually watch your flowers grow

fake flowers


1. cut the water bottle about one third of  the way up



2. pour the dirt into the bottom of the cut water bottle


3. follow the directions on your seed packet in order to plant the seeds. If you are using fake flowers just stick them in now and you are done!



4. Now that you have finished these steps YOU ARE DONE!